If you want to make it to the top, you need a strong partner!

Since 2003 the Sports United GmbH is as an agency, accompany and advisor to many high profile football players on the recent market. During the last few years, Sports United was able to accomplish it’s recent reputation and trust amongst the top football clubs in Germany and Europe and is though capable of acting with a most flexible network. With offices in in London, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich und South Korea, Sports United is well set in international competition and by that emphasizes it’s ambitions as a world wide operating company.


Besides the supervision of international sports cooperation projects, our main range of services is the systematic and successful buildup of high profile athletes.
Within this process our company is involved in every single step – scouting, counseling and attendance – at the sport itself as well as with all accompanying business, including career planning, contract management, mediation and placement.


Our distinguished strenght and therefore our distinctive feature ahead of our competition, is our dedication to the career of our players, long before they become league players. The core competence of Sports United is the successful transformation of the young talents from junior players to professionals. An intense care for each one, the targeted choice of the club environment plus an integral preparation for the surrounding circumstances of professional football, supports the athlete during this often hardest part of his career.


This, for the Sports United GmbH typical individual strategy, demands in equal parts the athletes willingness and a perfect matched environment of the club and the league for his profile. Country borders are not relevant. International transfers to germany, but also the ongoing progression of top talents overseas, is a confirmed competence of our company.




Licenced Players

actually  work with us together


junior players

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With offices in in London, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich und South Korea, we are present at some of the most important places for football transfers, which makes it possible to arrange negotiations close and personal on site.

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Our Managers are active in the sports business for many years and every one of them brought a far-ranging network into our agenc, which we can access now to negotiate for the best possible contracts, our clients could get.

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…is our passioin, since we can think. As a consequence of that, we focussed and specialized on this sport. Because you find your way much better, if you know one territory  REALLY well, as many just a little!